Professional Certificate in Social Development
21st - 25th September 2015, London, UK


Definitions of development have broadened beyond widely-understood economic conceptions, to consider issues of social development and happiness, codified in the Human Development Index and other measures of social development. This is now a key area of receiving aid and FDI, and of development strategies generally.

Course Overview

Complex social systems, including conceptions of citizenship, the role of civil society and the development of participation, require management and leadership with clarity and cohesion, encompassing comprehension and application of multisectoral linkages, sector planning and development strategies.

Examine the myriad issues which determine prospects for social development and develop comprehensive and effective plans for the delivery of often intangible, sometimes measurable improvements to citizens' lives. Participants will work with leading specialists to analyse this broad range of issues and develop their abilities in the theory, policy and practice of improving social development.

This is a specialist training course leading to a Level 5 Chartered Management Institute (CMI) Certificate in Management and Leadership. Upon completion of this week-long course and subsequent written tasks, the successful candidate will be awarded a Level 5 CMI certificate in Management & Leadership showing the CMI units achieved. In addition, the successful candidate will receive a transcript from the International Centre for Parliamentary Studies certifying the specialisation in Social Development.

How You Will Benefit

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Topics Include:

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